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What to Look for in Numbers
Numbers is all about the journey. The Israelites left Egypt headed for the Promised Land. But the journey is long, arduous, and full of life lessons. As you read the first half of the book you may get a bit depressed. You might ask yourself how it is possible that people with God right in their midst could lose their way so dramatically. In fact, they lose it so much so that none of them, but two make it to their destination. The second half of the book is full of promise as God begins His work with the next generation.
As you read, ask yourself:

  • Do I miss God when He’s right here with me?
  • What lessons is God teaching when there are consequences after a rebellion?
  • Why is it important to persevere even when the road is difficult?
  • If you had to identify with someone in numbers, are you more like a Joshua and Caleb or like the other 10 spies?
  • What made Joshua and Caleb different from the others?