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What to Look for in Leviticus
Leviticus is often the “stumbling block” for those who choose to read through the Bible. Some people simply cast it aside as “old-fashioned” and lacking in any life application. Filled with lots of rules, regulations, and detail, people get lost and wonder what they can learn from such a book.
Don’t despair! Be patient. Be determined. And, most of all, be listening. There is a message in Leviticus that you can apply for your daily life. God is developing a relationship with His people, Israel. See if you can find the ways He is showing His love for them.

Ask yourself:

  • Why would God put in rules for eating, dressing, medical treatment, festivals, and worship?
  • Does God place rules in my life?
  • How do the rules I follow from Scripture give me a better life experience?
  • Do the rules in my spiritual life bring me closer to God?
 Ask yourselves these questions and more while you read Leviticus. We think you may find the book much more insightful than you might have first thought.