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Spencerville Pastors
These individuals either have served or are currently serving the Spencerville congregation. From current records, it appears that sometime between 1976-1977, the first associate pastor was added. The longest serving pastor is the current pastor, Jerry Lutz (15 years thus far), followed by Rob Vandeman (12 years). Together they have served 27 years or 38% of the 70 year history (as of January 2012).

The first woman to serve as an associate was under Rob Vandeman's leadership. There have been a total of three women to serve as associate pastors. As of 2012, there are a total of four pastors—one senior pastor, and three associates (noted in red below). Click here to read more about the current pastoral team.

Pastor's Name Years of Service
Walter R. Riston                     1941-1942
Hans Kotz                                 1942
Lester Coon                             1942-1944
H. Ray Doyle                            1944-1945
Grant Hosford                        1945-1948
Ralph Wallace                        
Charles Teel                            1948-1952
Darrell Smith                           1952-1958
Kenneth Livesay                    1958-1961
Glenn Smith                            1961-1965
Raymond Spencer                1965-1967
John Cameron                        1967-1969
Tom Mostert                          1969-1974
Jim Hoehn                                1974-1976
George Digel                           1976-1978
     Alger Keogh 1977
     Ronel Ray 1977
J. Fred Hughes                       1978-1981
     Jim Coffin*                      1981-1982
William Lehman                     1981-1983
     George Digel*                1982-1984
Rob Vandeman                     1984-1996
Hans Varmer*                1985-1990
     Steve Willsey*               1991-2005
Mike Stevenson*        1992-1995
Bonita Shields   1995-2002
Stephen Eastwood                1996-2000 
Jerry Lutz 1996-2014
     Brendon Prutzman* 2000-2003
     Charlotte McClure 2002-2009
     Jason Brooks* 2004-2007
     Will Eva*       2005-2008
     Patrick Morrison* 2008-2014
     Shawn Paris* 2009-2013
     Marilyn Scott 2010-present
       Stephen Finney* 2013-present
Chad Stuart 2014-present
*ordained full-time associates