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Our Values
Worship - Quality Christ-centered worship services.

Global Communion - Belonging to the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist movement.

Outreach - Sharing the gospel through personal and public evangelism in our community
and throughout the world.

Education - Distinctive Adventist Christian education for students attending Spencerville
Adventist Academy.

Service - Encouraging, equipping, and empowering members for ministry.

Discipleship - Personal growth in Christ through Bible study, prayer, meditation, fellowship and other spiritual disciplines to prepare people for this life and for eternity.

Children - Providing for children the resources and opportunities to know Jesus and establish a relationship with Him and His church family.

Youth - Furnishing a safe, accepting environment for youth where they may mature in their relationship with Jesus, and realize their worth to Him, to others, and to themselves.

Families - Strengthening families by encouraging them to live balanced lives spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Music - Expressing our praise to God through the gift of music to enhance our worship
and as an outreach to our community.

Compassion - Responding to the physical needs of the people in our community by providing emotional support, food, clothing, and other necessities.

Stewardship - Faithfully managing the time, abilities, and provisions with which God has blessed us.